NBC Universals Steve Harvey Show - Guests on Mom of the Year Episode | Airs May 10th 2013

We have exciting news! I nominated our mother, Ellie, for the Mom of the Year episode, which airs May 10th at 3PM EST on NBC Universal. Mom and I were selected as show guests!

We had a blast! The taping was in Chicago and when we arrived for the show, mom was still in the dark about what the show was going to be about. I had to be completely closed mouthed about it, which for me is hard to do! She thought we were selected for the show to talk about HER HOUSE and her experiences as woman in small business. Little did she know, we were there to honor her for her achievements not only as a mother and a tremendous creative talent, but also for all of the sacrifices she has made throughout her life, always putting others needs before her own. I can't thank the STEVE HARVEY SHOW enough for giving us this tremendous opportunity to honor her. I can't think of a better Mother's Day gift.

Steve Harvey was just as funny, charming and down to earth as he seems on TV. It was such a pleasure meeting and speaking with him, although on stage we were a ball of nerves. Ironically, he and our mother have a lot in common, both are from small towns in West Virginia whose fathers were coal miners. As a special thank you to Steve, mom designed and made a signature pillow that she is naming the HARVEY PILLOW, that features a custom herringbone pattern of silk, with a small detailing stripe of deep brown leather. Very masculine and sophisticated, just like Steve.


The producers, the film crew and the hair and makeup team were extremely warm and welcoming. We honestly felt like celebrities for the day. As a special thank you to Jaime, the assistant producer, who first contacted me about participating on the show, mom spent hours designing and making a special infinity ruffle pillow and coordinating tote.  We are now calling the pillow the, "JAIME PILLOW". We are also making a coordinating tote that we are adding to our collection and naming the "JAIME TOTE".